Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Journey into my Artistic Mind: Pt II

Hi there, wanna look at some more weird-ass drawings? For part one of this stupid series, go here.

Ok here's one. It's called bang.

Guess why.
That guy on the left is understandably confused. I like to think this started more innocently. He heard a slight tapping on the door. Must be the cat ready to come in! As he gets closer, it gets louder. Is he going to open the door? Is he prepared for what he might find? Does he know that sometimes people have sawhorses instead of bodies?


No idea what inspired this one. I guess it's not just genius that strikes when you least suspect it, but stupidity as well.


Here's one called BEET. He is EXCITED. 

Or completely insane.

Annie had something to do with this one, but I don't remember the circumstances. She may have just said "Hey, draw a beet" so I did. Are those leaves on his head? Or are they a bunch of warped green footballs? 

...Do beets even have leaves like that? I'm gonna check hang on a second...ok so it turns out they shouldn't be growing directly out of his head like that, but inaccuracies aside, I still like this one. I imagine he's clicking his heels because he's excited about the hat he just bought. 

Or...because he's completely insane.


This one's called faceface. I'm starting to notice a lack of creativity in my titles. Maybe I like literal descriptive titles for cataloging purposes? I dunno. I drew the background guy first, then noticed the shape of his nose was also the shape of a head, so I got a little crazy. I'm not sure why I drew the background guy so unnecessarily close up. 

I guess I could've taken this to infinity, but I decided not to. 

Oh, wait..

Fonz from hell.

Here's one called "Fat dude". Again with a descriptive title! I felt like making a pretty detailed one from the looks of it. So many expressive lines on his face. And look at his EARS. I should never bother trying to draw ears again, clearly I've peaked in that regard.

He's got tiny t-rex arms! 

How the hell is he saying " ! "?  

His mouth looks a bit like a tennis racket.


This next one requires a bit of an introduction. A long time ago I discovered how to photoshop ghostlike images onto scenery. It's actually easy as hell. One day Brother Mike sent me a picture and asked me to do it again, probably to trick some friend into believing he had caught a picture of a ghost. So I did. 

Can you see it? Here, I'll zoom in.

It's just there on the left.

I'm not sure if the friend went for it or not, but I think I did a pretty good job. 

PS look back at the ghost's ridiculously jacked arms.


K last one. This one's called OBEY!

Sometimes you just gotta draw an angry potato that shoots lightning.

Sleep tight :D

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