Friday, October 29, 2010

A Journey into my Artistic Mind

So I was perusing through some old pictures and I stumbled upon a bunch of old drawings I had made, mostly from years ago. Some I have no memory of even drawing. Let's take a look and see if we can't figure out what the hell was going through my mind.

This charming fellow is called "prison man". I guess the reason for that is pretty clear.. What's not clear is why I drew him. Serendipitous.

Here's a drawing scanned from the pages of an old notebook. What the fuck? Let's break this up into its constituent parts:
Guy on rocket, (how did he get there?)

Guy that is clearly late for work.
Guy with a bow and arrow.

And of course, the obligatory cat like thing with a football helmet and a big  fat dude who is either enormous and climbing  over the horizon, or is growing out of the football helmet..somehow.

I think I drew this during sociology. Some questions come to mind. If technology for automobiles and rockets exists, why is that guy still using a bow and arrow to kill things? Like the last caption queries, is that fat guy lumbering over the horizon? Or is he attached to the helmet somehow? Why didn't that asshole just leave earlier for work? Why is that cat thing so fired up? And more importantly, what team does he play for?

Moving on...

He has a question, apparently.

This one is titled, "Mexican Salsa Man". I remember some details. Back in the AIM heyday, I got a mysterious message from someone called MexicanSalsaMan. Their messages were vague and disconnected and I never found out who it was. I thought the name was funny though, so I drew a picture of what I thought he might look like. Maybe it's an accurate drawing, and maybe someone will recognize him.

Haha! This one still makes me laugh. Sometimes you have to wonder, what if beans came to life? What if you still tried to eat those beans? What would they look like if they started a revolution? What would they call themselves? Well thanks to this picture, all those questions have finally been answered. You're welcome. 

Drew this for the hell of it one day. It really looks quite a bit like Mike. Look:


Let's look at some more!

This one is appropriately titled ARGH. I think I tried to draw what it would look like if someone's angry grandfather started yelling at them through a peephole. I didn't do a very good job.

This guy has a banana where his mouth should be. Thanks to this drawing, next time you eat a banana you'll recognize how similar in shape bananas and mouths are. 

Let's look at one more.

I don't even know what to say about this one, except check out the motion lines on those maracas. 

I hope you enjoyed looking through the mind of a bored and untalented artist. Until next time.

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